Monday, August 20, 2012

Part II: Installing my leather-ottoman-seat cover-headboard

The night before, I was scrambling to get my headboard up and I did it!


A few weeks back, my very first attempt at mounting the heavy headboard up wasn't as successful as it tore a hole in my wall. Prior to my fail-age, I asked a Home Depot employee what the best solution would be to mount a heavy object to an apartment wall. When his recommendation didn't work, I was almost hesitant to try again as I cemented the hole closed. Maybe the idea was way over my head and not as practical as I imagined?

Attempt one
Before the massive hole

I was still willing to try one more time, and went to Home Depot looking for a more heavy duty solution. I came across 'Hangman - Picture Hanging System'. It came with two levers, one of which  attaches to the headboard, and the other one on the wall. It was about 15 bucks, so I thought I'd buy it and return it if it didn't work out.

I measured and marked the exact place where I wanted to hang my headboard. My dad suggested I attach plastic anchors into the wall before I drilled in the nails--and the lever was secure enough to hold the headboard.
Step 2
Step 1

Beats buying a $300 - $1,000+ headboard.


Click on the link below to read more about this DIY headboard.
Part I: Painting my leather-ottoman-seat cover-headboard


Anonymous said...

MashAllah ;) so beautiful I cannot even fathom the beauty of your blog. It brings my heart joy to see you on your successful endeavor

Saba said...

This is soo cool!! i love the idea! GREAT work girl! looking forward to your next project!

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reginag said...

Im in awe while reading the entire blog.