Interior Design Showroom


(Room not yet completed, more pictures to come.)


Since I'm in the process of moving inshAllah, I thought I'd share my love for interior design.
I share a room with my sister and although I don't mind.. Picking an overall theme for our room was an on-going battle. She's always wanted a "pink" room, I have always wanted to create a relaxing Middle Eastern atmosphere (which I felt couldn't possibly be done with pink.) Our ideas clashed for months until one Summer in Pakistan, we both caught eye of an exotic carpet wall-hang that had numerous shades of pink (refer to second picture.) At that moment, I guess you can say we decided to cooperate.
This room was completed in just 2 weeks of moving in. With the budget I was working with, I think it hits the "pink"/Middle Eastern theme on the nail. What do you think?
Note: These photos were taken almost 2 years ago, so obviously a few minor changes were made.


SARAH said...

i loveee your taste! this room feels dream like. can't wait to see what your white room will look like ! :)

Merium said...

Thank you sis!!

Ashi said...

I LOVE both rooms! And if I'm not wrong you mentioned you were stencilling that entire wall? It looks ahh-mazing!