Sunday, July 29, 2012

Part I: Painting my leather-ottoman-seat cover-headboard

I went to Michael's arts & crafts supply store, looking for a spray paint that would work well on my DIY leather-ottoman-seat cover-headboard. (it's kind of a mouth full.) Originally, I had plans of reupholstering the headboard.. but I thought against it since it was proving to be difficult.
Voila! DIY bed headboard.
I came across this multi-purpose spray paint called 'Liquitex.' I walked around the store looking for an employee that would be able to answer some of my questions regarding the product, but with no such luck- I did a quick google search and bought the spray paint anyway since it was water-based.. I figured I'd do a spot test on the back of the seat and if it didn't work out - I'd use the spray to stencil my wall. (If you recall in my last post, I was having difficulty and tiring myself out stenciling my wall using a paint roller.)

Well, this stuff works! Not only did it pass the leather spot test, it made my job to stencil my wall so much EASIER. Here's what the leather-ottoman-seat cover-headboard looks like with two even coatings of the spray paint. I need to buy a few more cans to add one last coating to my headboard, and to get stenciling.
In color: Neutral Grey
Click on the link to read the next post: Part II: Installing my leather-ottoman-seat cover-headboard (the tricky part.)


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SARAH said...

your projects need to be on hgtv! aving a semi-soft headboard will make sitting and reading in bed (or doing anything else) so much more comfortable! mA love the idea :)

b.p. said...

excellent idea...looking forward to the next post@

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Sabzi said...

this is AWESOME!!! i love your ideas!!!

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Covers in breathable, heavy duty poly-cotton fabric are also in demand because they do not stick to you as neoprene or vinyl seat covers will.

Merium said...

Thanks for the support everyone!

Edith said...

Wow that can is a miracle worker. How much did it cost overall? Hopefully not as much as a new ottoman? I would have loved to see the finished result.

Merium said...

@Edith I used about 3 cans. Each can was $11 at Michaels, but I got them for 40% off, using a coupon from their smartphone app. You can see the final result by clicking the link above titled "Part II.."
Thanks for visiting!

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Im impressed you managed all these.

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